For Human Rights, Democracy, Right to Information, Livelihood and Ecology

The dream of a developed and prosperous Nepal is impossible unless poor, women, disadvantaged and marginalized people of a community are empowered, their socio-economic condition is uplifted and they are provided with equal access to property, resources, opportunity and they have a leading role in decision-making processes. In this context, the Humanitarian Organization for People and Ecology, referred to as HOPE Nepal here-in-after, was established in 2009 when senior journalist, human rights activists, Ecologists, and social development workers organized several meetings with a common objective to promote human rights, democracy, people livelihood and ecology.

HOPE Nepal has been registered at the District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu, under the Organization Registration Act, 2034 B.S. and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC). It works with local and national specialists on specific issues relating to Nepal’s development and endeavors to be a leading organization in the field of human right, community development, good governance and sustainable development related issues. HOPE also provides support to various development and research activities that finally contribute to build an equitable and sustainable society.

HOPE Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit-making and self-motivated organization that aims to contribute to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) by working with other organizations to design and implement innovative projects in sustaining democracy, peace and human rights, promoting media, nature conservation, education, health and environmentally sustainable enterprises. As a facilitator, HOPE Nepal builds capacity within existing organizations to replicate successful projects that have designed and executed humanitarian and innovative projects targeting the bottom of the population pyramid.


HOPE Nepal envisions a community without prejudice and discrimination where all individuals enjoy their right to live a life of dignity in a sustainable, prosperous and healthy society.


HOPE Nepal’s mission is to propagate the principle of non-discrimination, democracy and peace, media mobilization, social justice and to improve the quality of life of poor, women and the disadvantaged groups by ensuring their equal access in the society.



HOPE Nepal’s goal is to contribute to establish a sound and prosperous society with special focus on rural livelihood, gender issues, peace and democracy, media mobilization, human right and the local environment.


The general objective of HOPE Nepal is to contribute to building a sound society by enhancing the well-being of poor, women and marginalized classes, supporting various efforts such as sustaining democracy, poverty alleviation, gender empowerment, human right, social inclusion, infrastructure development, innovation and introduction of newer rural technology, development and income generation activities for attaining equitable and sustainable society.

The specific objectives of HOPE Nepal are as follows:

  • To ensure right of vulnerable group of people through promoting right to information,  media mobilization and sustaining democracy, human rights and peace in the society;
  • To manage and mobilize the natural resources and local environment for sustainable development; 
  • To execute awareness-generating activities related to gender, health, sanitation and education;
  • To promote the livelihood of marginalized people by executing innovative programs  such as resource mobilization, appropriate skills and entrepreneurship development training, organic farming, vermi-composting, forest and soil conservation, promote clean/renewable environment-friendly technologies and promotion of small and cottage entrepreneurship;
  • To promote the rights of women, children dalit, indigenous nationalities and other backwards people for their socio-economic and cultural upliftment with special reference to human trafficking and domestic violence