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Major Project

Date : 2014-08-28 - 2014-08-28

This is a national campaign that might be run everlasting in every part of the country. The focus of the project is to enhance public access to essential information about public resources, policies, commitments, laws and regulations, budgets, programs, actions and results. Likewise, the project will help to build the capacities of all the stakeholders such as farmers, political parties, civil society, media and local communities involved in implementing and institutionalizing RTI as a social accountability tool to reduce corruption and improve local governance. This project was run with the support of CCRI/ESP/DFID from 2012 to during 2013 in Bhaktapur, Okhaldhunga and Kathmandu. After terminating the ESP, it has been taken responsibility from new project named Government Facility (GF), a collective fund of DFID, DANIDA and SDC etc. Now the project has been supported by GF in collaboration with CCRI and national Information Commission in the same districts.