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Major Project

Date : 2014-10-14 - 2014-10-14

It is not started but Hope Nepal has been working to establish a Child Love Home where street children, orphans, children whose parents are not identified as well as deprived children are enrolled from all over the country. The children live here under the loving care of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ who ensure that each child gets their personal attention and care. Besides providing excellent schooling to the kids, we also focus on their social development through engaging them in festival celebrations, recreational activities, and programs with social motive.  We create an environment which encourages a sense of family, friendship, support, tolerance and humanity.  Similarly, quality education to the home children and scholarship to needy children, child hospital, child learning environment including child library, temple, meditation club, organic kitchen, Vocational Education and Career Counseling etc will be provided under single premises of child home in Kathmandu. We help the children explore their interest as well as strength and identify the appropriate career path. Our career counselor provides individual as well as group counseling sessions for the youths during which different tests like Self Estimate Test, Interest Test and Career Occupation Test are used to explore their potentialities that might help children for Job Placement. We are looking donation from schools, colleges, private institutions, government institutions, individuals and grant making organization to complete this project.